Nutrition & Health Education

Lincoln County Home Economist Marsha Palmer, M.S. travels all over the county, presenting programs and working with various groups. Ms. Palmer offers programs on diabetic cooking, nutrition, heart health and more.

Marsha also works with the ICAN Nutrition Educator on nutrition education in our county schools and Head Start as well as for clients of the WIC program, the elderly, and special needs adults. 575-648-2311

Wellness Programs Available from Lincoln County Extension Office

• Strong Women Healthy Hearts: Tufts University program, promoting heart health through nutrition and physical activity- walking program. 1. Weight control for heart health 2.Heap on vegetables and fruits 3. Emphasize the right fats 4. Accentuate whole grains 5. Low & nonfat dairy 6.Target heart healthy proteins 7.Put it all together 8. Weight control for a lifetime. Lesson is 15 min. and walk outside for 30 min.

• Eating Smart Being Active: Eight lessons in the core curriculum. 1. Get Moving 2. Plan, shop, save 3. Fruits & Veggies: half your plate 4. Make half your grains whole 5. Build strong bones 6. Go lean with protein 7. Make a change (limit foods high in fat, sugar and salt) 8. Celebrate! Eat smart & be active.

• Diabetes prevention program: National Diabetes Prevention Program. Lifestyle change program- 16 week program 1. Welcome 2. Be a fat calorie detective 3. Reducing fat and calorie 4. Healthy eating 5. Move those muscles 6. Being active a way of life 7. Tip the calorie balance 8. Take charge of what’s around you 9. Problem solving 10. Four keys to healthy eating out 11. Talk back to negative thoughts 12. The slippery slope of lifestyle change 13. Jump start your activity plan 14. Make social cues work for you 15. You can manage stress 16. Ways to stay motivated.

• To Your Health Wellness Program: 12 week program: 1. Program Overview, weights & measures 2. Nutrition basics MyPlate 3. Understanding the nutrition label 4. Basics of healthy cooking adjustments 5. Physical activity and weight loss 6. Nutrition “Table Talk” 7. Menu planning/budgeting 8. Recipe analysis activity 9. Tips for packing a lunch 10. Why do we eat/emotional eating 11. What now, where do we go from here 12. Final results awards. This program can be presented during lunch once a week for 12 weeks.